Gluten Free Living and Nutrition


Having coeliac disease is not a choice nor is living a gluten free lifestyle the latest fad, it’s a necessity. Our nutritious and tasty mixes are gluten, dairy and egg free and perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Everyone knows the importance of eating a balanced diet but often the importance of varying your diet is lost somewhere between of differing nutritional advice and the convenience of those tried and tested “Wednesday” night meals. However, by using our gluten free mixes and varying your diet throughout the day, week and fortnight will ensure you will not be left with any nutritional gaps.

The concept of variability is particularly important for people with gluten free diets because living gluten free should not mean you have to stick to the same old boring salad etc. Below I have put together a few gluten free ways to help inspire you to mix up your weekly eating routine, which can send you on your way to a balanced diet.

Nutritional Tips:

  • Try some ancient grains: Quinoa is an ancient gluten free grain rich in essential amino acids, add it to salads, as a side or use it in a risotto. Try using sorghum when you are baking as well.
  • Mix it up: Don’t just stop at white rice, mix in some brown rice and add a few crushed nuts and sultanas if you are feel daring.
  • Whip out the blender: Changing up your diet can be as easy as changing the way you look at things. Instead of settling down for gluten free ice cream for dessert, try a creamy banana slushie ? Pre freeze your banana (skin on- don’t worry if the skin browns, its what’s on the inside that counts), add some, honey, milk or dairy free rice, almond or soy milk, chia seeds and ice and blend until just thick. This is a deliciously refreshing (and healthier) alternative for ice cream.
  •  Add something oriental: Try tempeh, its similar to tofu but is made from the whole soybean and is a bit different in texture and colour, or try adding Gomasio (a sesame seed salt) to your cooking which can be used in place of salt to flavour dishes. (Hint: if you didn’t like quinoa on its own, gomasio might help you along a little).
  •  One of the benefits of having a gluten free diet is that many of the alternative gluten free carbohydrates are more nutritious per gram than traditional refined wheat flours. When you receive more protein from a variety of sources such as grains, legumes and beans, you can make sure any limiting amino acids from one source are made up for with a second.
  •  When you get inspired and try different healthy gluten free options it can open up new ideas to be inventive with your diet. Include more vegetables and get the more out of a meal, not only this but varying your diet can make life a little more exciting and ensures you are not missing out on any nutrients a repetitive gluten free diet may rob you of!